Make mine a double….please!


You know them nights, when you are up and down all night. No sooner do you crawl back into bed and you have to get back out again. Yup, well that was my night last night. Clearly my little sleep in yesterday was just the calm before the storm, so to speak. I knew that at 5am this morning, when I finally had a quiet house I should have just got out of bed, made myself a nice hot coffee and enjoyed the peace to watch the sunrise. But no, I pushed my chances and went back to bed and now I feel crappy! Like when you have an afternoon nap because you’re not feeling the best only to wake up worse.

So today the coffee machine will be on overload,  double espresso the order, and I will be battling through a day with a long list of things I want to tackle. First on the list is housework. My floors and bathrooms are in need of a little attention. I don’t know why I am still amazed at how easily the house can look so dishevelled when I relax on the housework for a few days. Only myself to blame.

Today we are also drawing some pictures to post off to Daddy tomorrow, Apparently he is in competition with his housemate as to who can get the most “love” sent to them. His housemate’s are from his grandchildren and Ray’s, obviously, pictures from our little lot. Yup, I’m letting down the team, I haven’t sent anything out to Ray yet. Oops!

I’m going to start restocking the freezer with snacks today as well. On the menu – caramel chip cookies, cupcakes and pizza scrolls. The first swing – that’s apparently the “technical” term for Ray’s shifts lol – saw me become a little lazy on the school snacks. Not too much homemade was going in the lunch boxes and far too much processed was. This, now that I look at, could be the cause of many of my issues last month….hmmmm.

This afternoon, I hope the kids are in the mood for some quiet time so we can watch a couple more of the movies I got them yesterday. Still to view are Hotel Transylvania and Nim’s Island. And, if I’m lucky, I may even get to “rest” with them. 😉

So with this done, I am off… Happy Sunday x


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